Sunday, May 30, 2021

Configuring the Wait shape and Case dependencies

Wait shape is used to make the flow wait from moving forward Based on the duration of time or based on case dependency.

  • 1.      Based on timer
  • 2.       Based on case Dependency

This shape is present under the automation menu of standard flow only. (cannot be used for screen flow.)

Flow shapes in Pega follow BPMN standard.

(BPMN is a standard set of diagramming conventions for describing business processes)


How to configure this shape?

We have 2 options available under the wait shape to make the flow wait.


Based On timer

With the timer selection on wait shape we do have 2 options to configure.

   a. Based on the Date and time interval

We need to configure the interval of time that must pass before processing continues. Here we have options to pass MinutesHoursDaysWeeksMonths, and Years.

a.       b. Based on the Reference date/time

We need to specify a date and time property which contains the value that must pass before the process continues.  

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