Sunday, September 16, 2018

Difference between Refer to a data page and Copy data from a data page

  Where to find this option
  Properties like Page or PageList have an option for this Data Access option

  Find the below screen shot 

  Here we have 3 options
n  Manual
n  Refer to a data page
n  Copy data from a data page

  Manual –
   For Manual Data Access user has to set data manually.

  Now let’s see the rest 2 Data Access options.

  In other 2 options we need a data page.

  To check the difference these lets go through a small example.

  Here I am using the below data set

  To demonstrate the same I have used 2 page list with the same Data Page
  One is for Refer and other is for Copy
  D_testList is my DataPage which have used in both the case  

   It has having the parameter as Skill 

I have used both the page list in a repeating grid.
Let’s create a work object and see what happens

Same data in both the grid .
But what is the diff?
Now save the work object and close.
Now add one more row on the data set we are using

Now open the work object
See the diff
So in case of copy the repeating grid is showing the old data but in case of Refer the new record is updated 


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