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Function for Deleting Declare Pages in Pega

Managing declare pages in Pega is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and maintaining data integrity. Sometimes, you may need to delete all instances of a declarative page, especially during troubleshooting or system maintenance. Pega provides an out-of-the-box (OOTB) function to achieve this efficiently. In this blog post, we will explore how to delete all declare pages using the pzDeleteAllInstancesOfDeclarativePage function in Pega.

The Function to Delete Declare Pages

The function @(Pega-RULES:DeclarePages).pzDeleteAllInstancesOfDeclarativePage(tools, DataPageName) allows you to delete all instances of a specified declarative page. This function is powerful and should be used with caution to avoid unintended data loss.


  • tools: The standard tools parameter used in activities.
  • DataPageName: The name of the declarative data page you want to delete.


Suppose we have a declarative page named D_CustomerData. To delete all instances of this declarative page, the function call in the Data Transform will look like this:

  • Function: @(Pega-RULES:DeclarePages).pzDeleteAllInstancesOfDeclarativePage(tools, "D_CustomerData")


Deleting all instances of a declarative page can be a powerful tool for managing your Pega application's data. By using the pzDeleteAllInstancesOfDeclarativePage function, you can easily perform this task within a Data Transform. Remember to use this function judiciously to avoid unintended data loss.

Happy Pega development! 😁

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