Sunday, January 19, 2020

Call superclass data transform

Why to Select the Call superclass data transform?

Select this check box to chain together this data transform and data transforms with the same Name in any of its parent classes. At runtime, the system first performs the actions defined in the highest-level data transform highest.

e.g - Let's take a simple ex .

       data transform "pyDefault" is  present in PegaSamples-ReqAppr-Work-RequestApproval class .
      and Call superclass data transform check box is selected .

In this Datatransform we are setting just 1 property.

However the data transform is present in other higher class 

And the data transforms are different.

Data transform in work-cover- 

Data transform in work-

Data transform in @baseclass

Now run the data transform and trace it to see how other data transforms execute.

In the above tracer screenshot the execution started from @baseclass 1st , then work- , then work-cover- and finally the PegaSamples-ReqAppr-Work-RequestApproval

Let's see what happens if that check box is not checked.

If the check box is not selected then it will call only that data transform 

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