Sunday, September 16, 2018

How to use parameterized Data Page in Activity or in Data Transform ?

You can refer to a data page with one of several valid forms of this syntax. For D_Customer, you could load or refer to the data page using any of these:
Here CustomerID and CompanyName are 2 params of D_Customer
Using hardcoded value, Property or Param --
  • D_Customer[CustomerID:“ANTON”,CompanyName:"BigCo"]
  • D_Customer[CustomerID:.CustID,CompanyName:Param.CompName]
  • D_Customer[CustomerID:Param.CustID, CompanyName:"BigCo"]
When the data page only has one parameter, you don't have to specify the parameter name. You only need to specify the value:
  • D_Customer[“ANTON”]
  • D_Customer[.CustID]
  • D_Customer[param.CustID]
Suppose D_Customer is of page type
Suppose we want CustomerID property to be used on Activity / Data Transform
  • Then we can use D_Customer[CustomerID:“ANTON”,CompanyName:"BigCo"].CustomerID


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  7. Could you please explain how to use Parameter passed from Data Page to REST Connector within REST Connector? Either directly OR even to look up additional parameters using separate Data Page. Always see examples on how to use Data Page within Data Transform and Activity, but never in other rules, and I can never get thing to work.

    Thanks in advance

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